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The Equity Income Portfolio

The Equity Income Portfolio

Regular Dividends

One of the benefits of income investing is that dividends are not necessarily subject to market sentiment.

Lower Volatility

So dividend paying companies have the potential to generate long-term performance with lower volatility.

Your ISA Allowance

This portfolio is, in our view, appropriate to an investor wishing to allocate their ISA allowance.


Investors transferring existing holdings may wish to include some additional funds (see our Recommendations brochure).

The Growth Portfolio

The Growth Portfolio

Investing for Growth

For investors not in need of an immediate income we recommend an internationally diversified selection of unit trusts/OEICs.


To obtain a truly international spread, investors should invest in different geographical markets.

Emerging Markets

We would caution that emerging market funds are traditionally more volatile than established markets, but we believe that volatility is a price worth paying.

The Low Cost Portfolio

The Low Cost Portfolio

2019 saw the introduction of annual cost and charges information being sent to all investors. 

Whilst the majority of investors knew how much they were paying their intermediary and platform, many were unaware of the fees taken by the actual fund managers. 

Now that this information has become more readily available we have created a diversified portfolio that adheres to all our usual criteria but with the added requirement that the annual fees are dramatically lower than their peer average 

The ESG Portfolio

The ESG Portfolio

Sustainable investing was gaining popularity before the coronavirus pandemic but the outbreak has pushed the topic further up investor’s agendas. Inequalities within society will continue throughout lifetimes but investing into funds that make a positive difference can become a starting point for society to improve.

The trend towards a more sustainable approach has been led by institutional investors such as pension funds and investment foundations.  As wider society has become much more conscious of environmental and social issues, investors have come on board too.

Our Current Recommendations

We are conscious of the time constraints on our clients, and give ongoing thought to improving our information, communication and administrative systems. When we launched our service over 25 years ago we were Britain’s only “PEP specialist” discount broker. Inevitably many others now offer similar discounts, but few have been able to match our simple approach to providing the right depth of information which we believe is needed to construct a diversified portfolio. Where time is of the essence we understand that not everyone wants to spend unlimited time to research funds, so our approach has been designed to enable you to identify the fund(s) for your ISA from the recommended portfolios, select the Key Investor Information Documents, and then move directly to the Invest Now page.

For those who want a little more information, or to make their own selection from the ever increasing range of funds available, check the Research page.

See Publications for articles and market comments. Contact us if you have any comments or require further information.