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Understandably most of our clients were initially drawn towards our services because of the discounts we offer. Most people accept the compelling logic of reducing the cost of acquiring investments. However, we have always maintained a dual objective which includes identifying for our clients a small number of funds which we regard as promising. The quality of the investment is, for us, paramount and central to this philosophy is the belief that you should “never let the discount tail wag the investment dog”.

A discount service which promotes investments without conviction (as some do) is, in our view, unsustainable in the long run. We have a clear and vested interest, therefore, (as well as a moral obligation) in trying to guide you towards successful investments.

In pursuit of our objectives, the logistics of conducting business without face to face contact can pose challenges since effectively this precludes the traditional “advisor-client dialogue”. Instead, we aim to provide you with “information without spin” and “facts without embellishment”, but to do so in a manner which respects your time.

We are all victims of junk mail and spam and the intrusions it imposes on our lives. By prioritising what we consider to be a diverse combination of promising funds, and then summarising their comparative merits, it should be easier for you to determine which are of interest to you and whether you wish to research these funds further before investing. 

This “two step” process works best for most investors.

Our objective is to provide you with general information rather than personal advice. We believe that if this information is straightforward, most investors should experience little difficulty in making decisions. 

Providing our “recommendations” is therefore only the beginning of the selection process. The suitability of any of the products mentioned can only be determined by you in the full knowledge of your own circumstances and personal preferences.