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Who we are and what we can do for you

Who We Are

We are ISA specialists and discount brokers. If you are considering an ISA investment, we believe you need both. We offer you an unrestricted choice of well over 1,000 different ISAs. In our role as ISA specialists we seek to identify and highlight the best schemes and save you money on whatever investments you finally decide to place.

What We Do

Our first task is to provide information on a selected number of funds for each type of portfolio. We then ensure that the ISA is arranged with no initial charges. In addition we have negotiated with both Cofunds and FundsNetwork so that there are no switching charges, typically 0.25%. This means investors can move out of poor performing funds or rebalance their portfolio all at no switching cost. The free switch service is available online or via a switch form. It is almost always cheaper to deal with ourselves than direct with any unit trust company.

How We Do It

We operate a “two step” process. First we summarise the main features of those products we recommend. Then we invite you to research those funds which interest you. The “two step” process is designed to save you time, since each summary can be read in just a few minutes. The more detailed particulars can then be viewed before you make your investment.

Our History

Historically, the Financial Services industry has struggled to meet the needs of the small investor. All too often, the literature published by the product providers has a promotional slant, and lacks objectivity. To counterbalance this, advisors ought to be acting as the “interface” between the public and product providers. Unfortunately, however, the costs associated with individually tailored financial advice renders the “personalised” advisory approach uneconomic for the investment of small sums. We took the view that what was required was a “no frills” cost effective service, and The Pep Shop began operations in February 1992.

The Present

Our function is to act as the “interface” between the unit trust groups and you the investor. We believe the best way to fulfil this role is for us to be open-minded rather than open to influence. For this reason we try to distance ourselves from the excesses of unit trust promotion which constantly appear in the weekend press.

Our overall objective is to provide an easy to use, low cost investment service, with a choice of using traditional and modern systems.

The Future

There is a growing opinion that small investors are getting left behind as financial advisers concentrate on high net worth investors only.

We intend to continue to provide an on-going service to all of our clients in respect of their current ISA investments, including a nil cost switching service.

For ISA investors we will be providing an “information and execution” service, the centrepiece of which will continue to be our publication “Talking Shop”.

For new and prospective clients, copies of previous publications can found by clicking on “Publications”.



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